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Our story

Why BEAUtiful Farm?

Beau was truly the best horse in the world. He was Christy’s best friend and soul mate for over 20 years; he was truly the horse of her lifetime. He taught her most, if not all of her life lessons and helped her navigate growing up.

Beau was also a fabulous partner in the competition world, he was the grand champion at the ESDCTA nationals, NJ REGIONAL champion 2003, 2004, & 2005 and competed at many national championships. He taught many kids how to love horses and how to sit a fabulous canter and learn what that feeling of “on the bit was.”

When Beau passed away in December of 2019 at 30 years old, Christy decided to name the farm BEAUtiful Farm, to never let his legacy diminish, and to always remind her and the people that come to the farm that Life is truly BEAUtiful. We hope to continue his legacy of kindness, love and happiness every day.

Christy & Brian's Story

Christy and Brian have been trying to purchase this property since 2017, except it was too expensive and WAY too much work to fix up. This was their dream farm, it is in Morris County, NJ, where they both grew up and where their families reside.

For years they made offers on the property, going nowhere, until their honeymoon in Hawaii. They called the realtor on a whim from the shoreline in Maui and made an offer. Many months later, it was accepted and the work began. Check out our Gallery of BEFORE & AFTER photos of the farm. Blood, sweat, tears and dreams were made here and BEAUtiful Farm is now a reality, a true dream come true.

Meet Christy!

Christy has been surrounded by animals for her entire life and has decided to make a career out of her passion! She is an avid equine professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. She teaches riding lessons, horsemanship, art, gardening, cooking,
animal husbandry, and how to use the positive energy around you to break down fears and barriers.

It was her dream to have a farm and share her love of animals and the outdoors with people of all ages and bring everyone back down to earth. Life is complicated, so keep it simple, grow things with your hands, feel the energy of the animals and enjoy the great outdoors. BEAUtiful Farm was born with this mentality and it continues to grow every day.

Meet Brian!

Brian is an amazing carpenter, mechanic, partner, animal dad and he puts his heart and soul into the farm. He cares for the animals and is a true teacher. He is often found with Muddy, his prized yellow labrador and is always busy around the farm or in the music studio! Brian has developed a passion for farming and is amazing at caring for all animals big and small. He is the heart of BEAUtiful Farm.

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